KHS-­Maxxis-JLVelo Team Announces 2015 Roster

KHS Bicycles has again renewed their commitment to the road cycling market with continued title sponsorship of the Southern California cycling team KHS-Maxxis-JLVelo. The team is excited to be partnering with Maxxis Tires for the second year. We are also excited to announce partnership with clothing manufacturer JLVelo Custom Cycle Wear. JLVelo will be providing their top tier technical clothing to all of the athletes and staff.

Team owner Paul Abrahams is very excited about the new athlete editions to the team, which will reinforce the existing very strong roster. “The cohesion and maturity of our existing roster is stronger than it has ever been,” states Abrahams. “With the edition of Shawn Wayland and Chris Johnson, two young up and coming strong riders, I am confident we will have a very high level of success in 2015.” As with the past four seasons, the goal of the program is to continue the growth and development of the next generation of cyclist.

The program is also very excited to announce new partners Kali Protectives, Kramp Krusher, and Serfas Eyewear. Along with these great products, the team will be riding custom KHS Flite Team Carbon frames paired with the KHS Pro full monocoque fork. KHS will produce a team Flite 900 bicycle which can be purchased from KHS dealers through out the country.

In 2014, the program had over 30 wins, 80 podium appearances and a breakthrough win at Tulsa Tough with Fabrizio Von Nacher winning the overall title. Building on this momentum, the team’s racing schedule will focus on the National Racing Calendar (NRC) and the National Criterium Calendar (NCC).

In addition to the the athlete’s racing commitments, the team will be conducting bike shop visits at KHS Bicycle dealers nationwide to share their passion for bicycles with the local cycling community. The team will be participating in bicycle safety clinics to support youth organizations as well as school visits at specific race venues across the United States in order to better support race organizers and promote road cycling within the U.S. Every member of the KHS-Maxxis-JLVelo Team has shown great enthusiasm to take part in this community outreach effort.

Sponsors: KHS Bicycles, Maxxis Tires, JLVelo Custom Cycle Wear, Velo Saddles, Xpedo Pedals, Shimano, Kramp Krusher, Kali Protectives, Serfas Eyewear, Praxis Works, Q2, Rennie and Associates, WD­40 Bike, Bicycle Blue Book, Bike Religion, Chamois Butt’r, Cycling Illustrated, and iPA Sports.

Chris Barton (USA)
Shawn Daurelio (USA)
Sergio Escutia (MEX U23)
Chris Johnson (USA U23)
Brian McCulloch (USA)
Joy McCulloch (USA)
David Santos (USA)
Fabrizio Von Nacher (MEX U23)
Shawn Wayland (USA U23)

Photo by Danny Munson

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