Video: Whole Day Campaign Captures Legally-Blind Photographer Bruce Hall’s Journey at CicLAvia

Whole You, a Mitsui Chemicals Company dedicated to offering innovative healthcare solutions to help those with sensory and physical mobility challenges experience life more fully, launched its Whole Day campaign video recently. The video follows acclaimed photographer Bruce Hall, who has been legally-blind since birth, as he captures a celebration of the senses and movement.

“At Whole You we want nothing less than to change how people understand what it means to be healthy – we develop solutions that enable people to move, see, smell, taste and experience the world more fully than ever before,”  said Hiromi Inagaki, chief innovation officer, Whole You. “The video with Bruce is an expression of this vision, a place where sensory or physical mobility challenges don’t hold us back, where we celebrate the senses and freedom of movement to have a deeper appreciation of a life lived beyond limitations.”

The video was captured in Los Angeles on Sunday, October 18, 2015 at CicLAvia, an event which the city of Los Angeles hosts by closing off roads to motorists for the day to allow cyclists and pedestrians to reclaim a part of the city. Bruce was cycled around LA’s streets by professional cyclist, Damon Roberson who is also featured in the video. Roberson knows what it means to live a life free from limitations, having overcome a serious cycling accident in 2008, to ride again and begin his own business.


“With street food, live bands, dancing and of course cycling, CicLAvia is a celebration of the senses and movement – something I captured in my photography,” said Hall. “It was a really joyful experience and Whole You enabled me to experience this whirlwind of an event. I’m excited to be part of it and support Whole You as it works to help people see better, taste better, hear more and move more freely and bring a fuller expression of the world to more people.”

The company recently launched its first products – Nexteeth full dentures and Whole You Sleep Appliances for obstructive sleep apnea and snoring. In the future it will offer solutions to a variety of sensory and physical mobility challenges.

For more information and to view Bruce’s photo gallery from CicLAvia please visit

Photo by Bruce Hall

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