Hilton Clarke Transitions From Racer to Director

Following his passion to develop the next generation of professional cyclists, Cylance-Incycle 2016 team captain, Hilton Clarke, will spend the remainder of his season as Cylance-Incycle’s team director.

Clarke, the 2015 U.S. National Criterium Calendar overall winner, finds the timing of this rider-to-director change both beneficial and rewarding.

“When I first came to the team, it was always the plan for me to move into the director sportive roll at some point this year,” says Clarke. “Omer Kem has been amazingly supportive letting me find the time that I felt was right to stop racing.  After racing this spring, I felt it was very beneficial that I was able to learn all the characteristics of the young riders on the team.”

Having raced professionally since 2001, Clarke, now 36, is ready to embrace the new challenge leadership at a director level.

“I feel it’s the right time to move in another direction but stay in the game,” Clarke says.  “In the latter part of my career, I’ve been interested in sports management and I’ve wanted to head in that direction. I realize that most of my career achievements and wins have come off the back of many amazing and talented teammates. One of the things I felt I was gifted at was directing them to help me (or one of our leaders) to achieve our goals.”

“I am very excited, both personally and professionally, to work with Hilton and be a part of the next chapter of his career in cycling. His resume speaks for itself and his drive to become an amazing Sports Director is inspiring to the team and sponsors” says Omer Kem, Managing Partner of Inspire Sports, LLC

“Now that I’m moving into the car, I will have new challenges but I am looking forward to them. We have some great young talent on the team and I hope to help them achieve the most they can out of cycling,” adds Clarke.

Photo © Christy Nicholson / EchelonDesignPhoto.com

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