Product Review: FSA Energy BB386 EVO Crankset

Full Speed Ahead (FSA) is known for making components that you’ll see on many bike brands, as well as high end aftermarket components that are used by some of the top pro’s and pro teams across the world.

FSA is able to take the R&D and feedback from professional riders and teams and pass it on in the development of their components. This allows, FSA  to implement this feedback and R&D throughout their product from the pro level to entry level components to provide lightweight and reliable products with clean designs.

FSA has taken the Energy line of components and given the consumer a big bang for the buck product that delivers lightweight, reliable and versatile components.

The FSA Energy BB386 EVO Crankset have been used by the Team for several years with great success. The FSA Energy BB386 EVO Cranks are very lightweight featuring a cold-forge hollow crank arm and 7075 forged spindle.

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The crank arm uses a BB30 spindle with a 386 EVO adapter. With the 386 length it allows FSA to use special adapters to allow for different bottom bracket lengths allowing the FSA Energy Crank to be the most versatile crank on the market. FSA Energy BB386 EVO Cranks are extremely easy to install, as well.

The FSA Energy BB386 EVO Cranks performed flawlessly throughout the season week after week for the Team. The FSA Energy BB386 EVO Cranks cranks are incredibly stiff, responsive and lightweight not to mention versatile and very clean looking with a mix of polished anodized and sandblasted black anodized options. The FSA Energy BB386 EVO also use a 7075 chainring bolts paired with anodized black chainrings with some CNC machining to reduce the weight, but allow for stiff and smooth shifting chainrings.

The FSA Energy BB386 EVO Cranks chainrings come in 53/39T, 52/36T, 50/34T, 46/36T options. In addition, FSA Energy BB386 EVO Cranks lengths are available in 165mm, 170mm, 172.5mm and 175mm options. The FSA Energy BB386 EVO Cranks weigh 757 grams with a 53/39 double chainring.

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FSA is a partner of the  2017 Team.

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