SoCal High School Cycling League Seeks Volunteers

The SoCal High School Cycling League is currently looking for volunteers to fill Volunteer Staff positions.

The SoCal High School Cycling League explained, “Since the start of the SoCal League we have had Volunteer Staff fill CRITICAL roles at races. Some of these folks have worked virtually every race for 1-2 seasons and some have worked virtually every race for up to 8 seasons! We love them all and wish they would stick around forever but that’s not reasonable. The GOOD news is we have over 1000 student-athletes currently in the SoCal League so we KNOW there are parents or supporters out there that might be thinking “Hmmm, my daughter is in 7th grade and loving every minute of this. I’m probably going to be at virtually every race for the next 5 years. Maybe I can get involved deeper and be a LEADER helping everyone have the best experience possible at each race?” Or maybe you’re a mountain biker thinking “I don’t have time to coach day in and day out but I REALLY like the idea of getting more kids on bikes. I can give 5 weekends a year to help preserve and grow the sport. Plus, I hear those SoCal Volunteer Staffers have a good time.”

We have one SoCal Series race left this season (Tehachapi April 29-30) and we’d love for you to be able to spend it “shadowing” some of the folks in Volunteer Staff positions who aren’t returning next year due to lifestyle changes, moves, or kids graduating from the program OR to help us get a head start on training backups!”

The following Volunteer positions are available to be filled:

• Registration Manager: these folks sticker and sort the number plates just before the first race of the season. They then check riders in, distribute plates, and take payments at races. They work in the Registration tent which can be found near the SoCal trailer. They are very busy at the first high school and first middle school races of the season but then typically only busy for the first hour or two of each race day. They train and manage race day volunteers who assist them.

• Merchandise Manager: these folks run the merchandise tent which sells the BEST league merchandise in all of NICA! They take payments, distribute merchandise, unpack and repack merchandise bins, and provide feedback on what is selling and sizes needed. Typically Merchandise is open from 1 or 2-5 on Saturday afternoon and from 8-2 or 3 on Sunday.

• Logistics: These folks are the bread and butter and CORE of making sure everything gets done on schedule and as efficiently as possible! They typically arrive Friday evening or Saturday morning early and basically work through pack up on Sunday. If you have any inkling about getting involved in event production this is the place to learn. You will help lead everything from setting up the infield to setting up the course to moving in sponsors to setting up the team pits to unloading and loading the trailer to working with the course marshals to — well EVERYTHING! If you are a responsible SoCal League alumni this can be a GREAT position that could potentially and eventually lead to employment with a NICA league or other valuable interactions.

• Infield/Course Build Managers: These are logistics folks who specialize in LEADING either the marking of the course or the building of the infield. We have standards for what we do and these folks train and lead race day volunteers so that these key tasks can happen as efficiently as possible. Typically Infield Build Manager works from around 8:30 AM Saturday through Saturday at Noon. Typical Course Build Manager works from around 8:30 AM Saturday through Saturday at 1-2 PM. If highly motivated they can be part of the core logistics crew that ensures that tweaks are made through the weekend to keep markings in place and looking sharp and banners and netting tight!

• Timing/Scoring: If you are computer savvy and interested in learning how our chip timing system works OR you are detail oriented and want to spend your day or weekend at the finish line this is for you. Depending on availability or Chief Timer needs you might help beginning around 10:00 AM Saturday setting up the timing equipment, computers, results TV screen, finish line camera, etcetera then working timing through the middle school race Saturday afternoon. Or you might simply learn and monitor the timing system during the actual racing Saturday afternoon and/or Sunday.

• Chief Course Marshal: YOU are the head of course safety! Work with and learn from the BEST Chief Course Marshal in all of NICA land. Work with logistics to set marshal points, get a broad working knowledge of where everything and everyone are on course, give instructions to race day course marshals and sweeps, learn radio communication, interface with race medics, marshals, and staff to get aid to injured parites. This is likely the most important position on race day. If you have experience as a police officer, firefighter, dispatcher, or certain military specialties this is all second nature.

Please contact either Matt ([email protected]) or Brandon ([email protected]) with any questions!

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