Product Review: Union Sport SAALE RXSEL Saddle

The Team has been fortunate enough to have the opportunity of working with Union Sport and their saddles. Union Sport makes a variety of saddles to help accommodate to different riders and his or her needs. Throughout the season, I can say that Union Sport’s saddles have top quality key components that have helped me tremendously throughout my season; some of which includes precision fit, the double pivot system, and their griff technology.

According to the Union Sport website, the “precision fit is a saddle that feels comfortable, reactive and without hot spots and pressure points.” In my experience in riding the SAALE RXSEL Saddle, I can attest to the comfort and versatility when I am out training (especially on those big base training weeks). The precision fit utilizes a normalized pressure along the whole surface whereas other saddles have proven to fall short of this quality, in my experiences. As a result, this can lead to discomfort leading to pesky saddle sores and ultimately the loss of power.

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Another key component of Union Sport’s saddle is the double pivot system. As stated by Union Sport website, the double pivot system is an “integrated directly into the saddle shell increasing its flexibility and suppleness directly under the sit bones.” Coupled with a proper bike fit, this saddle has great potential to be a go-to saddle. The integrated saddle shell provides extra cushion to help maximize much needed power, especially during those important races. It is essentially that extra push you need to get the job done.

The last component I enjoy is their griff technology, which “captures the energy typically lost due to inefficient movement on saddle”. Basically, the power a rider produces on the bike is maximized because the saddle has the ability to capture the full range of motion while pedaling. Without a proper saddle, a rider can easily lose wattage but with the proper saddle, wattage is maximized and even gained in the process.

I have had the pleasure of being able to work with Union Sport and riding using the SAALE RXSEL saddle. I currently ride using a 130mm width and 275mm length saddle. The curve the saddle provides feels great, comfortable, and helps me achieve optimal aerodynamic positioning during races. The SAALE RXSEL saddle also provides a comfortable position for those long strenuous rides. This El Monte based company is definitely worth a try, and you can see the saddles in action with the Team in the local races here in Southern California.

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Review by Leo Bugtai

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