Product Review: Julbo Aerolite Sunglasses

Julbo Aerolite

I was lucky enough to ride with the Julbo Aerolite sunglasses this year as a sponsor of the Team. The Julbo Aerolite’s  have an amazing field of view with a wide lens and a small frame. For runners and cyclists alike this is a great option for people that want lightweight glasses without a full frame.

The Julbo Aerolite sunglasses come with two different lens options, a Zebra Light Photochromatic and a Spectron Lens which is a darker lens, which is good for everyday conditions. I have been riding with the Zebra Light Photochromatic lens and they are great for a solo lens, as they are very versatile and work well in most conditions.

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The nose piece is adjustable which is something most other high end glasses do not have. The adjustable nose piece allows a nice fit for many different face and nose shapes. The arms also offer added comfort with an almost suspension like feel.

With price points similar to many other of the top glasses the Julbo Aerolite sunglasses are a great option for those looking for new sunglasses.


  • Julbo Aerolite with Spectrometer Lens – $129.95
  • Julbo Aerolite with Zebra Light Photocromatic Lens – $189.95

This is the second year JulboUSA has supplied the Team with their cutting edge eyewear.

For more information or to purchase the Julbo Aerolite sunglasses visit

By Quinten Kirby

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