Product Review: FSA K-Force Light Stem

FSA K-Force Light Stem

The FSA K-Force Light Stem is FSA’s top-shelf road stem. If you are looking for the ultimate upgrade in a stem, then throw your attention to the FSA K-Force Light Stem.

The FSA K-Force Light Stem features a full carbon monocoque body with titanium hardware, an aluminum faceplate and a shim that allows you to use it for 1-1/8 or 1-1/4 diameter steer tube.

In testing, I used the 130mm length and the weight is very light, with the 100mm length coming in at a feathery 150 grams. The FSA K-Force Light Stem has a 6-degree rise. FSA uses a unidirectional carbon finish.

I tested the FSA K-Force Light Stem on a 2017 Fuji Roubaix Elite aluminum frame with a full carbon fork and it definitely softened up the ride without sacrificing any of the performance in the stiffness. The ride was incredibly comfortable considering how stiff and light the FSA K-Force Light stem is. Also, the FSA K-Force Light stem is textured on the inside of the stem clamps, so that the bars won’t slip.

I’m amazed on the FSA K-Force Light Stem’s stiffness. When standing up out of the saddle and rocking the bike side to side, the stem has very little or no movement. This is where it’s burly looks come into play.

Being that the FSA K-Force Light Stem is a full monocoque stem, this allows for the stem to soak up the small and big bumps along the ride. This is especially noticeable when riding an alloy frame.

The FSA K-Force Light Stem is a fantastic upgrade for your high-performance bike. So, whether it’s weight savings or comfort you are looking for, the FSA K-Force Light Stem is what you’ll need to have on your bike.

For more information on the FSA K-Force Light Stem please visit  The FSA K-Force Light Stem can be purchased at your local bike shop.

By Frank Sarate,

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