Cannondale Releases the All-New SystemSix

Cannondale has released the all-new SystemSix, which they bill as the “The Fastest Road Bike in the World.” and elaborate on in their Executive Summary – “The all-new SystemSix is here. So are the test results. And we’re proud to say that this race-bred speed machine is absolutely the lowest-drag, most efficient, all-around fastest UCI-legal road bike on the market today. Not only the fastest in the wind tunnel. Not only the fastest for a select few riders in a select few scenarios, but the fastest for anyone interested in going faster, just about everywhere you’d want to go faster. Call it drag reduction. Call it aerodynamic advantage. We call it free speed, and it is the culmination of a multi-year, systemwide approach to efficiency and real-world performance. Proving just what can be accomplished when the entire machine – not just the frame and fork – is optimized for fast. Delivering real speed for real riders.”

SystemSix was designed to be the fastest road bike on the planet. This is a bike designed to deliver more speed, more of the time. This is not just a bike for racers, but anyone who likes to go fast. SystemSix is a complete bicycle system with each component optimized in pursuit of speed, without sacrificing any of that classic race bike feel. SystemSix comprises six unique elements:

  • Frame
  • Fork
  • Seatpost
  • Stem
  • Handlebar
  • Wheels

When setting out to design a bike with the ultimate pursuit of speed it is first important to understand what it is that makes a bike and rider fast. This all begins with the six elements of cycling resistance – these are the resistive components that work against you as a rider. Minimizing these will make you faster for the same effort, or allow you to maintain the same speed with less effort.

For more information on the all-new SystemSix visit Cannondale’s website. 

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