Product Review: Crono CR-1 Cycling Shoes

Crono CR-1 Cycling Shoe

Crono is a small Italian manufacturer of cycling shoes that has 40 years of experience making high-quality sports shoes.

Over the years, bikes, cycling helmets, sunglasses and cycling shoes have become much more technologically advanced and more in tune with athletes needs. Crono has designed a clever new shoe, the Crono CR-1, that has a different approach to a closure system using the latest Boa technology. Crono calls it the multi-contact closure system. Crono uses a similar placement of the Boa closures, however, they place the thin nylon coated steel lace near the heel to allow for more of a wrap around the heels feel and the front of the shoe has multiple contact points where the nylon steel lace wraps around to give a more secure but custom fit.

Crono CR-1 Cycling Shoe

The ventilation for the Crono CR-1 cycling shoes is created with a laser. The sole is a newly designed full carbon sole to deliver maximum efficiency.

Crono CR-1 Cycling Shoe

The ride and comfort of these Crono CR-1 shoes are quite remarkable and feel very high-end and excellent quality when you slip them on. The leather is very comfortable and the fit is easily controllable, utilizing the new boa system to get that custom fit for your foot. The new boa system feels more refined from the previous boa system and you can fine-tune the fit much better. Taking the shoes off after a ride is also made easier, as well with a pop top design that unlocks the boa system from the ratchets. Once you just pop up the new boa system, the shoes just slide right off.

I have been able to get some miles in, and the fit and comfort of the shoes are very nice. The first thing I noticed was the stiffness in the carbon sole over my previous shoes. I felt the efficiency right off when I got out of the saddle to sprint. I felt more connected to the pedals and felt like I could get more power out of my pedal stroke.

Setting up the shoes was easy. The red Crono CR-1 shoes are definitely flashy and high tech and come in four colors – white, red, black and gold. The carbon sole has a hint of the red, white and green Italian coloring on the bottom of the carbon sole, just to let you know where they’re made.

The new Crono CR-1’s are medium in weight and are in line with all other high-end Italian road shoe manufacturers.

The Crono CR-1’s shoes also come with a Crono Solestar insole to give you even a more custom fit, which is nice.

Crono CR-1 Cycling Shoe

The pricing for the Crono CR-1 will set you back $ 449.99 – $ 479.99 depending on the color.

For more information or to purchase the Crono CR-1 cycling shoes please visit Gizmo Cycling’s web site.

Review by Frank Sarate /

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