Megan Jastrab and Zoe Ta-Perez Win World Championship Titles

Megan Jastrab and Zoe Ta-PerezUCI Junior Track Cycling World Championships

Megan Jastrab, the youngest member of Rally UHC Cycling, made headlines in Frankfurt, Germany, winning the Omnium competition at the UCI Junior Track Cycling World Championships.

  The world championship was nearly lost when Jastrab fell hard during the third round of competition, but she battled back to become the first American ever to win the prestigious title.

The winning streak continued when Zoe Ta-Perez (LUX/Sideshow p/b Specialized) and Megan Jastrab (Rally UHC Cycling) also won the Madison World Championship.

Zoe Ta-Perez and Megan Jastrab will wear the prestigious rainbow jersey as the newly crowned UCI Junior Track Cycling World Champions.

Photo – LUX/Sideshow p/b Specialized

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