PeopleforBikes Shares What’s Next For E-Bikes

PeopleForBikes E-Bikes

PeopleforBikes has been working hard for better access for e-bike riders nationwide as well as an improved business environment for e-bike retailers and suppliers. 

PeopleforBikes has shared revised federal e-bike regulations, new progressive state e-bike rules and some new PeopleForBikes resources to help you navigate the changing world of e-bikes below:

  1. Federal E-Bike Rulemakings: The public comment periods have closed for the four agencies looking to improve e-bike access on federal public lands. We would like to thank our PeopleForBikes supporters who submitted 2,195 comments in support of the proposed rules (15% of the total comments received!). Agencies will likely take 60 days to produce a final decision — we’ll keep you updated along the way. 
  2. State E-Bike Laws: In the last two weeks, Louisiana became the 27th state and Florida became the 28th state to pass PeopleForBikes’ model e-bike legislation into law. E-bike riders in those states can now ride an e-bike wherever a bike is allowed, including bike lanes and multi-use paths.
  3. New PeopleForBikes Resources: We recently published some new best practices surrounding e-bike use, access and where to ride.

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