’s Cyclocross, Gravel & Mountain Bike Calendar is Heating Up for Fall

SoCal Cross Cyclocross

There are some great cyclocross, and gravel bike events that are coming up this Fall!


The SoCal Cross Prestige Series offers some awesome events that take place nearly every weekend starting off with Krosstoberfest Season Kickoff on October 5th – 6th. Cyclocross is a fun way to stay in shape during the off-season and an excellent way to practice your bike handling skills.

Visit for more information on upcoming cyclocross skills clinics that will get you ready for the CX season!

2019 SoCalCross Season Events

Gravel and Mountain Biking Events

There are also some excellent gravel  bike events taking place this Fall including the Black Canyon Gravel Time Trial and ! El Graveléro !.  It is a great time of year to hang up the road bike and have some fun on tearing it up on the gravel and mountain bike!  For those that don’t have a gravel bike – a mountain bike will do just fine at Gravel Events!

Check out’s Cyclocross, Gravel & Mountain Bike Calendar to find a cross, gravel and mountain bike event to participate in!

SoCalCross Race Stream Trailer from Ben Goyette on Vimeo.

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