New Orbea Orca: Less is the New More

Orbea Orca OMX 2020

The new generation of the Orbea Orca is the most customizable high-performance bike Orbea has ever manufactured.

Since the first launch the Orca frame in 2003, generations of cyclists have pedaled this bike to maximize their performance in highly competitive races. Now, a new era of Orca is born, one that brings exceptional performance to a wide range of conditions.

Sixteen years of evolution have enabled Orca to reach a level never before imagined when it comes to weight, stiffness, integration, aerodynamics and customizable style. This is a bike for athletes who are not defined as sprinters, riders or climbers, but for riders who want a bike to do everything.

Orbea has combined the latest manufacturing techniques with the most cutting-edge materials to design a completely new carbon frame, called OMX, with a weight of 833g (size 53), exclusively available in the disc version.

One of the frame’s biggest changes is the new shape of the tubes, more aerodynamic than ever, but without reaching a ratio that compromises its featherweight agility. Add to this the Freeflow fork, with more open arms, and the fall in the rear straps, and you get an improved Orca that’s 10% more aerodynamic compared to the previous generation.

To transmit maximum power to the asphalt and rear wheel, we bet on the Dynamic Structure design, which adds torsional resistance from various forces to the lower part of the frame and absorbs irregularities from the road on the upper part of the frame. Together, the new Orca frame is 15% stiffer than the previous version.

As one would expect in a high-performance bike, the geometry is aggressive, unlocking the maximum potential for efficiency.

Integrating the design and manufacturing approaches have resulted in technical solutions that add value to those who ride an Orca. Like the 22-gram seat clamp, for instance: a light and minimal design found on the previous version and carried over to the new OMX for its lightweight performance.

The cable routing is completely new, with internal and invisible wiring from the handlebars, thanks to a cockpit specifically designed for this new Orca. The seatpost is also designed exclusively for this Orca, with “D” form to enhance aerodynamics.

The new Orca includes a cycling computer mount that’s fully integrated on the handlebars, compatible with a light or action video camera with a standard mount. These small additions add gains in aerodynamics that push performance without losing sight of a clean and elegant aesthetic.

Another of the new features of the new Orca is its versatility for riding, with clearance that allows for a 32c tires.

The most customizable high-performance bike

The evolution of racing bikes has always resulted in attempts to improve performance by tweaking a bike’s weight, aerodynamics or rigidity. But performance goes much deeper than that. A new generation of road cyclists — “New Classic” riders — aren’t just looking for technical upgrades. They’re looking for stories, history, fashion and culture that’s more focused on sharing experiences than becoming a racer.

These cyclists are still quite strong and motivated, but they are individuals looking for a way to express themselves through the bike they choose. With MyO, they’re able to do exactly that: choosing their own combination of components, colors and styles suited to their individual tastes, making the new Orca the most customizable racing bike in the industry. 

The MyO platform has always offered a range of personalized options: gloss or matte paint finish in a range of colors, including two-color gradients, infinite component combinations and ample ergonomic adjustments. But with the new Orca comes a new custom feature: styles.

Orca is available in five different styles: street nature, fluid paint, cubism, titanium and dots. The street nature style, for example, includes a decal on the fork with a unique aesthetic rarely seen on bikes. Other styles, such as titanium or dots, add a transparency pattern to the fork so that the design changes depending on the background color.

This is the new generation of Orca; the most customizable racing bike when it comes to use, mounting possibilities, ergonomics, design and style.


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