Photo Gallery: 2020 CABDA West Expo

CABDA West Expo

With the new year underway, this would be the second year for the CABDA Expo to have a trade show on the West Coast and in the San Diego area.

With Interbike canceled and the CABDA Expo in its second year, it seemed like the CABDA West Expo has picked up steam adding more vendors and having more bike retailers show up.

After speaking with many of the vendors, it seemed like it was a productive show on all fronts.

Gravel bikes, electric bikes and road bikes seemed to be plentiful amongst the booths along with eyewear and helmets gracing the floor with almost every other booth down the aisle. Bags for all your gravel bike adventures also seemed to be on many of the gravel bikes on display.

BMX bikes also seemed to have a nice presence among the bigger bikes.

As gravel bikes are all the rage for now, it was no surprise to see all the component manufacturers including FSA, SRAM and Shimano jumping on the bandwagon and showing off their new gravel-specific components.

There were many small products and cool tools displayed that if you turned away too quickly you might miss out on what could potentially make a big impact what you could be carrying on your next ride.

All in all, for a compact show it seemed like everyone was up to see what was on the market in person and the CABDA West Expo was a big success.

By Frank Sarate,

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