Tech & New Products: Introducing Cassette & Co Bicyclist Supply

Cassette & Co, a lifestyle apparel brand.



-Seriously unserious, because it’s supposed to be fun.-

Cassette Creative, a design and marketing agency in the cycling industry, has launched a sister company, Cassette & Co, a lifestyle apparel brand. Designed by and for bicyclists, the “seriously unserious” line is a serious nod to cycling subculture.

Founded by Tim VanGilder, Cassette & Co., draws inspiration from old-school printmaking, typography, and the trades where VanGilder states, “Type and messages are simple and designs aren’t overworked.” Simplicity aside, VanGilder – a studied designer – approaches his craft with measure and thought.

“Design is at the forefront of this brand. From tee shirts to branded merch, to live events and group ride invitations to photography, everything should be touched by design and executed with high standards,” VanGilder said. Initial goods at Cassette & Co. include 100% cotton t’s, hoodies, water bottles and a limited edition collector’s t on offer for just a month, each and every month. Hats, caps and other merch will soon follow.

At the core of Cassette & Co is authenticity. Both VanGilder and his wife Michelle, ride, race and train. It is their lifestyle. “Bikes change lives, and the cycling culture, for us, is for life,” VanGilder said. “Being a bicyclist means different things to different riders but Cassette & Co. is an open invitation to all.

If you’re a bicyclist then you’re part of the culture. And we don’t define what it means to be a bicyclist. If there’s criteria then we’re probably taking this way too seriously.”

Behind Cassette & Co. is Cassette Creative. Launched in 2015, Van Gilder’s agency specializes in creating and managing brand assets for businesses in the sport industry. Since that launch and during his 11 prior years as Creative Director for CrankBrothers, VanGilder has aspired to create his own brand.

Cassette and Co. is a rider-owned cycling brand based in Southern California at the foot of the Santa Ana Mountains where we ride and cultivate. Merchandise is sold directly through For more information about goods, good rides and good people, pedal to the site. We are all inclusive.

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