California Cycling Laws Motorists don’t Realize are Legal

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One of the biggest complaints that motorists have on busy streets is cyclists. Many motorists believe cyclists shouldn’t be on the street and if they are, should be following strict rules to prevent themselves from being hit. Some of the top pro cyclists put in a lot of early season miles training on the road with motorists while preparing for the Tour Down Under and upcoming cycling races across Australia. Cycling fans can use the best betting apps in Australia to receive tips and bet bonuses on the events before they take place.

What many California motorists don’t understand is there are specific laws set out to protect cyclists. These laws keep cyclists safe and motorists aware of the individuals around them. Still, these 5 California cycling laws are often unknown as legal by many motorists.

1. Drivers must give cyclist 3 feet of space
It isn’t uncommon to drive or cycle down a busy street and see a motorist’s car nearly touching a cyclist’s back tire. Drivers are required to give cyclists 3 seconds of space on the roadway. Although cyclists are not permitted to ride on California’s freeways, they can cycle on any street or road. Cars should also pass cyclists with a space of 3 feet between them.

2. Riding through intersections

Cyclists can legally ride straight through intersections where motor vehicle drivers make right turns. This can be done on streets that do not have cycling lanes. So, in California, many of the intersections in which cars make right-hand turns can have cyclists go through them. As car drivers may have to slow or stop to make a right-hand turn, they should be aware that cyclists could be coming up on their side quickly so they do not cut off or hit a cyclist.

3. Cyclists can record video

More and more cyclists – and drivers – wear body video cameras to record footage in case an accident occurs on their ride. The video can be used to show proof that a driver was at fault for an accident. There is a caveat to this law as cyclists cannot have a device that records audio. It is illegal to record a conversation with another person due to wiretapping laws. Cyclists should ensure their video cams do not also record audio to be used in court.

4. Cyclists can leave the cycling lane

If cyclists are riding on a road with a cycling lane or staying close to the right-hand side of the street, they are permitted to move away from these areas to make a left-hand turn. Drivers need to be aware of cyclists who seek to turn left as they will need to cross traffic.

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