Join the Ride for Justice to Honor George Floyd on June 6

The Ride for Justice will be honoring George Floyd tomorrow with a bike ride starting at noon in Leimert Park as featured in the LA Times:

It’s time now for us to show the unity within our community,” said Kortel “Korta-T” Autrey, 36, another co-organizer of Saturday’s ride.

Autrey has organized rides throughout Los Angeles on dirt bikes, motocross bikes and regular road pedal bikes for years. He founded his nonprofit organization BikesOverBang’N to bring “together communities that would otherwise have gangs in their neighborhoods” and mentor youth. He hopes his group’s slogan, “bikes bring bonds,” will translate to Saturday’s demonstration.

“We’re focused on having a big crowd, but the biggest thing is that it’s positive and nonviolent,” Autrey said. “I think that was a major reason for us going with bikes. It cuts down a lot of the walking and … just people coming into our ride and not being affiliated, but then taking the energy from our ride and doing something negative.