The End of the Road Cycling Season: What’s Next

Tour de France Outlines COVID-19 Protocol

As the cycling calendar draws to a close, the races are drying up in a flurry, with La Vuelta the only big name up for grabs.

With La Vuelta already on the start, the road cycling year is on its last legs, after what has been a daunting and challenging season more than usual, due to the coronavirus. The Tour de France saw a new and unexpected face, Czech riders have dominated the second part of the season and La Vuelta will be the biggest name to tick off the list in this early November. While it is ongoing and to get the latest updates, odds and offers online, betriver is the place to be. A quick look at what is left for the year and heading into the next is never amiss

First up will be the Alzeihmer’s Research UK Norfolk Flyer, which is not under the UCI and barely jours away, but still a great catch for cycling enthusiasts and fans in Britain. Holding at the Fakenham racecourse, in support of Down’s syndrome, this annual race will be raising money for that cause.

On the UCI list, just two remain, as the National Road Championships in Singapore will run until the 8th of November. At almost simultaneous times, the Ceratizit Madrid Challenge will kick off on the 6th of November and end on the same date as the National Road Championships in Singapore. It may not be much to look forward to but enough to get in some action before the season flames out for a 2021 restart on the 15th of November 2020, with the National Road Championships in Venezuela. For two days, the UCI will be in Venezuela to kick off the 2021 season, simultaneously with the National Road Championships in El Salvador, before heading to Israel on the 21st of November 2020 for another installment of the National Road Championships.

American fans will have their pedals and eyes full with the Elite Road Central American Championships. The calendar year wraps off with a jam-packed end of November, first with the Vuelta Ciclista al Equador, before moving to Africa in December. Algeria will host the first of the African events, with the Championnats Nationale Route, on the 2nd through the 5th of December 2020, before heading to Morocco on the 11th through to the 13th of December 2020. That will be the end of a tasking 2020 calendar year of racing with a quick turnaround to January and the National Road Championships in Down Under.

The biggest names might not be on the board but there is an opportunity in all these events for punters looking to end the year on a little high. Nothing is ever sure in cycling and it is not the easiest sport on action in but then, where has the thrill, excitement and fun ever been in certainty. These races should get your spirits up in time for the new year and a new dynamic.

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