Product Review: Crono CX2 Off-Road Cycling Shoes

Crono CX2 Off-Road Cycling Shoes

Crono CX2 Cycling Shoes for Mountain Biking, Gravel and Cyclo-Cross

I previously had the opportunity to ride the Crono CR1 road cycling shoes, which I really like a lot. During the pandemic, I have been doing a lot of gravel biking and wearing the high-end Italian Crono CX2 off-road cycling shoes. Over the last few months, I’ve had the chance to get some time in on the trails and have been able to put the Crono CX2 shoes to the test.

The Crono CX2  are probably the most comfortable mountain bike shoes I’ve ever ridden with. Just imagine having a pair of super comfortable and efficient socks that you could put cleats on. I feel like I can ride in the Crono CX2 shoes all day long and when gravel riding or mountain biking, this can make a difference in how your rides can go.

Efficient and Comfortable

I think what really makes the Crono CX2 shoes super comfortable but super-efficient is that they don’t have the stiffest soles like on some road shoes, however, they are plenty stiff without losing any efficiency or power. But, what you really gain is a shoe that you can wiggle your bike around a little more when you need to lean it to maneuver your bike. Plus, if you have to run or walk up a hill or run over obstacles the Crono CX2 shoes feel great when you encounter this need during your ride.

The other thing that makes the Crono CX2 shoes extra comfy is that they are really light coming in at 275 grams per shoe and are very breathable for added comfort.


The Crono CX2 shoes use two BOA dials on top to make things nice and snug as you need them to fit your liking. The shoes are also easy to get in and out of before and at the end of a    ride.

The heel features a high-density heel cup that adds strength and durability along with a nonslip lining that keeps the heel of your foot in place and is really comfortable and efficient when pedaling.

The  Crono CX2 shoes also use an extra shock-absorbing footbed for extra comfort and fit.

The bottom of the Crono CX2 shoes uses a composite carbon sole which keeps things nice and efficient for whatever type of off-road cycling you plan on doing. The sole is also set up for an SPD style cleat. The Crono CX2 shoes also come with studs for when things might get muddy to add a little more traction.

With the Crono CX2 shoes being so comfortable you’ll really feel the benefits on any long adventures like some of the super long gravel races, touring, technical cyclocross races, ultra-competitive mountain bike races, mountain bike freeriding or even BMX races. The Crono CX2 shoes will give you comfort and confidence no matter what your next off-road adventure may be.

Available Colors

The Crono CX2 shoes are available in the following colors:  Red, Black and Yellow Fluo.


Suggested retail price –  $ 349.99

For more information on the Crono CX2 or to purchase please visit

By Frank Sarate,

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