Team Novo Nordisk Announces 2021 Development Team Roster

Team Novo Nordisk Development Tea

Team Novo Nordisk, the world’s first all diabetes professional cycling team has announced the confirmation of their 12-rider development team roster for the 2021 season.
With two riders moving up to the men’s pro team (Lucas Dauge and Logan Phippen) and nine riders remaining from 2020, it’s safe to say that the team development pipeline is in good working order.
The three new riders add to the team’s European element with 21-year-old Doriand Percrule from France, 18-year-old Tom Tiegelaar from the Netherlands and 20-year-old Nathan Smith from the UK.
“Every year, I’m happy to say, the Devo team has the same problem,” began Development Team General Manager Daniel Holt. “The top riders progress to such a degree that we are forced to graduate them to the professional team, leaving the Devo team to start over again.”
“In recent years this has become less of a problem though with our younger riders really stepping up and raising the average level of the team. We have a great core to the team that I know we can grow off of. I’ve never had more confidence in the entire team as a whole than I have going into the 2021 race season. I can take these guys anywhere and I know that they will perform up to the team’s standards.”
Both Percrule and Smith come with some national racing experience and climbing pedigree and both were attendees of the first Team Novo Nordisk virtual Talent ID camp in July 2020, while Dutchman Tiegelaar moves up from the junior team.
“The team’s new riders have been in our pipeline of athletes through the Talent Identification Camps for some time,” continued Holt. “I’ve watched Nathan Smith out of the UK and Doriand Percrule from the island of Reunion (France) grow from everyday sportsmen into very well-trained athletes that take their training and nutrition, as well as diabetes care, very seriously.”
“After seeing their results pour in at the races and their power profiles grow by leaps and bounds, I can say that they will be very valuable assets to the team. Now it’s time to get them to some big races and see what they can do. Our third addition to the team, Tom Tiegelaar from the Netherlands, made it through the Junior team with some good results and his power numbers are even more impressive. I think all three riders will bring a core fitness level to the team that we don’t normally get from first-year riders.”
A European racing calendar and the move up to the level of Continental Team are the two biggest changes and challenges that face the devo’s in 2021 and Holt is optimistic about the benefits for the youngsters as they look to embrace and make the most of the new opportunities.
“The calendar that I have prepared for the team is something that we have never done before,” concluded Holt. “2021 will truly be a challenge for the team. So, we will try to keep that in mind when giving clear objectives to the riders and allow them the room to grow, develop and become accustomed to a different style, and level, of racing.”
“If we can keep the team motivated through the season, and give them plenty of rest, then I think 2021 will be a great growing year for the team. Experience is key in bike racing and we will try to give them as many opportunities as possible to learn as much as they can.”
Team Novo Nordisk Development Team began their 2021 season at the Croatia at the UCI 1.2 categorized Trofej Umag/Umag Trophy.

The full 2021 roster includes :

  • Sacha Bietry (FRA, 20)
  • Robbe Ceurens (BEL, 19)
  • Nigel Desota (USA, 25)
  • Jan Dunnewind (NED, 22)
  • Louis Evans (GBR, 19)
  • Przemyslaw Kotulski (POL, 20)
  • Doriand Percrule (FRA, 21)
  • Filippo Ridolfo (IT, 19)
  • Ulugbek Saidov (UZ, 24)
  • Nathan Smith (GBR, 20)
  • Vaclav Snuparek (CZ, 25)
  • Tom Tiegelaar (NED, 18)
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