How to Get Your Daily Dose of Exercise Without Leaving Home

Exercise Without Leaving Home

Exercise is a very important part of any health routine. It is important to get your daily dose of exercise even while you are at home. In recent times, it has become the norm for many people to do their exercises at home. You could take several steps to improve the fulfillment and enjoyment of your daily exercises. Here are just a few of them.

Start Cycling

If you’re looking for something different to add a little variety to your workout routine, try cycling! Unlike other exercises such as running or basketball which put stress on the bones and joints of participants. Cycling is a gentle exercise that gets all parts involved while eliminating the risk of soreness in muscles due to it being a low-impact sport. Cycling indoors is also possible nowadays, especially if you try interactive virtual cycling. There are several online interactive services like Zwift, Peloton, BKool, etc. that cyclists like to do inside their home, especially during the winter or off-season.

The House Cleaning Workout

You can make your house cleaning a part of your daily workout. Even if you are not an avid cleaner, you can begin to incorporate this into your daily exercise routine. You will find that you can exercise almost all the muscles in your body. Cleaning certain areas in the home will provide you with bending over, squatting, and getting up several times. You will exercise your arms and abdomen by cleaning high shelves and sweeping the floors. Walking back and forth will provide you with a good cardiovascular workout as well.  

Home Office Exercises

A well-established home office can become confining. It is important to ensure that you get your daily exercises in the midst of the daily office routine. These can be ten-minute exercises that you can insert into your daily schedule. The best way to incorporate exercises in the home office is to do these at short intervals. Not only will it help your concentration it will also improve blood circulation. Do regular leg and arm stretches. You can do this while sitting down. You can, however, stand up at regular intervals and do squats and full-body stretches as well.

The Home Gym

The home gym is well-suited for a person with a serious exercise routine. Setting up your home gym can be easy especially if you already have some gym equipment. All you would need is a room dedicated to this purpose. However, if you are starting from scratch, you will need to buy the equipment to make your daily exercise as efficient as possible. You can start building your gym with gym equipment by Tonic Performance. What you need for your home gym and how you will lay it out will depend on the size of your room and your well-planned daily exercise routine.

Anywhere Exercises

If you are not able to set up a home gym due to lack of space, you can still make use of handy equipment such as dumbbells, for example. Dumbbells are easy to use and you can use them anywhere – in the bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen, and so forth. You can set up numerous exercise routines for a full-body workout with dumbbells alone. You do not even need to buy an entire set, but upgrade to a heavier weight as you progress. The importance is to include cardiovascular exercises as well. Brisk walking around the house or running in place with the dumbbells can be very effective.

Fun Home Exercises

Home exercising can become boring especially if you repeat the same routine every day. You can make it fun by interspersing fun exercise activities in between. Aerobic and Zumba dance exercises are perfect for the entire family as it incorporates music and dance moves. There are a number of CDs available for this, but many YouTube channels provide an exercise routine that you could follow especially for the older versions of the dance moves. You could also improvise and personalize these exercises and make it more fun for the children and for family time together. On this note, don’t forget to add sugar free vitamins to your children and family’s diet since they are important supplements when you exercise.

Final Words

Exercising is a great way to stay healthy especially when you are stuck at home. Apart from the few suggestions here, there are many more ways for you to exercise and be physically active without the need to go outside your home. Here we referred you to the value of house cleaning as a great way to keep in shape while at home.

When you work from your home office, you need to ensure that you stretch and keep your blood circulating by taking regular exercise breaks. Furthermore, if you are serious about exercising, and have space, you could set up your own gym at home. Added benefits for the home exercise routine are that you could find a way to do it anywhere in the home with dumbbells and that you could make it fun as well with Aerobic and Zumba dance exercises.


By Oscar Whinprey

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