The Most Popular Cycling Loops in Southern California

Cycling is one of the most practiced, and beloved sports worldwide. According to a 2015 study in the Journal of Transport and Health, over 40 percent of households the world over own at least one bicycle, and a large chunk of that number includes households that have one bike per person.

Cycling is a pretty popular sport in the United States, with over 12 percent of the United States’ population identifying as frequent cyclists, and an even larger percentage of Americans who ride bikes frequently but don’t identify as cyclists. There are numerous cycling roads all over the United States. One of the states that takes cycling very seriously, and has a great atmosphere for cyclists is the state of California, especially Southern California.

California hosts a number of prestigious cycling events annually and has a pretty big subculture of cyclists. Some upcoming cycling events in 2021/2022 include the Great Western Bicycle Rally in Paso Robles, the Life Cycle in San Francisco, and many, many more. A number of these cycling events attract a huge audience, and with that audience, the interest of bettors is piqued.

While cycling does not have the betting audience of say, American Football, or baseball, it is still a pretty popular betting sport in its own right, especially with the advent of online betting. Many betting sites, which can be found if you click here, have reported a pretty respectable betting audience when it comes to the sport of cycling.

For fans of cycling, however, California, especially Southern California, has a number of scenic cycling routes for fans of the sport. The following are just a few of the routes that SoCal has to offer.

Swami’s Loop in San Diego

Starting out the list, the Swami’s Loop is one of the most popular routes, as it is a beginner-friendly loop, however, it still offers great things for more experienced cyclists. The loop is 38 miles long and is the route on which the World Famous Swami’s Ride takes place. While the ride takes place on Saturdays, the Swami’s Loop is never in want of cyclists, as newbies, and experts alike can often be seen practicing and honing their skill on the route.

The route passes through LaCosta, Elfin Forest, and Escondido, before turning back towards Del Dios, through Rancho Santa Fe. The loop offers an undulating terrain, with only a few hills, making it the perfect place for beginners to start their journey, and for experts to hone their skills.

Great Western Loop in San Diego

Another San Diego loop, the Great Western Loop is 42 miles long, and passes through some quite harsh terrains, making it the perfect route for experienced cyclists who want to push themselves to the limit. Often compared to the Tour de France due to the elevation gains, the Great Western Loop is one of the most popular routes in South California.

The Donut Loop in Los Angeles

Named after its original starting point in front of a donut shop, the Donut Loop is a 28-mile-long route, which covers the Palos Verdes Peninsula from east to west. The route offers a challenge to beginners, and an exercise for more experienced riders, and provides cyclists with gorgeous views of the Point Vicente Lighthouse, the MacArthur Fort, and Catalina.

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