Cycling in Colorado: 6 Tricky Routes

Cycling in Colorado can be an incredible and challenging experience for enthusiasts. Colorado has some of the most magnificent natural landscapes, making it a cycling paradise. However, not all routes in Colorado are easy to navigate, and some paths pose unique challenges for cyclists.

These trails require exceptional fitness, cycling skills, and concentration to navigate successfully. Nonetheless, the breathtaking scenery along these routes makes the experience worth the challenge. Therefore, anyone taking these routes should ensure they are physically fit, adequately equipped, and have the necessary skills to navigate the trails.

It is also important to note that safety should always be a top priority when cycling in Colorado. Cyclists should wear appropriate safety gear, such as helmets and reflective clothing, and follow all traffic laws. It is also recommended to cycle with a partner or group, especially on remote trails.

Moreover, it is vital to be aware of weather conditions and to avoid cycling during extreme weather. These precautions allow cyclists to enjoy Colorado’s challenging and rewarding cycling routes. 

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Now back to Colorado cycling routes for you to look out for!

Six Tricky Cycling Routes in Colorado:

#1. Mount Evans

The first challenging route that cyclists can encounter is the Mount Evans route. The route extends from the scenic town of Idaho Springs up a mountain trail that leads into the Arctic Scenery.

Cyclists taking this route can experience altitude sickness, given that the elevation of Mount Evans peaks at 14,271 feet, making it the highest road in North America. Moreover, the narrow route requires cyclists to share space with motorists.

#2. Left Hand Canyon – Ward-Brainard Lake

The second tricky route cyclists can take in Colorado is the Lefthand Canyon. The route is a challenging climb from Boulder to the Rocky Mountains, approximately ten miles long. In addition, the road has several steep gradients that require cyclists to be incredibly fit and focused on navigating the sharp bends.

#3 Juniper Pass South

Another challenging route is the Juniper Pass South. It’s a 13-mile bike climb in Colorado, USA. The final elevation is 11,154 feet, with a 3,806-foot elevation gain overall and an average gradient of 5.5%.

#4. Independence Pass West

The fourth challenging route is the Independence Pass West. Biking up Independence Pass is a distinctive experience. The initial ascent is on a winding road following the Roaring Fork River.

On the first half of the ascent, the scenery is lovely. About mile 12, we begin to see the road that has been carved into the mountainside next to a sheer cliff. We then ride up a 2.6-mile hairpin along the narrow road with the cliff to our right; the trip is less terrifying on a bike than in a car. The ascent ends at the Continental Divide, a well-liked location for motorbikes and cars to pull over for pictures with the sign.

#5. Pikes Peak

The fifth most challenging and one of the most impressive climbs ever is the ascent of Pikes Peak in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. This mountain is undoubtedly one of the most renowned in the nation and worldwide. Pikes Peak receives over a million visitors annually, making it the second-most famous peak in the world after Japan’s Mt. Fuji.

#6. Trail Ridge

Trail Ridge is a terrific biking climb in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. The Trail Ridge cycling climb is the second-longest bike climb in the US at around 44 miles (second only to the longest in the world – Mauna Loa, HI). We ascend above the tree line for expansive, unimpeded vistas of the Rocky Rockies before finishing at a low elevation of 12,151 feet.

Photo: Credit to Chait Goli from Pexels

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