Optum Pro Cycling pb Kelly Benefit Strategies Team Launches Human-Powered Health Interactive Website

Optum Pro Cycling presented by Kelly Benefit Strategies and managing company Circuit Sport have launched a new interactive website, humanpoweredhealth.com, the latest element of a four-year campaign designed to inspire and support healthy, active lifestyles using the Human-Powered Health™ brand. The site leverages innovative social media technologies and features many of the team’s partners, who will provide a series of giveaways for contributors.

“We created the Human-Powered Health™ brand as a way to inspire individual accountability in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.” said Charles Aaron, managing director of Circuit Sport. “Over the years, the men and women of Optum Pro Cycling have served as fantastic ambassadors of the brand. The new site celebrates everyday people, athlete or not, who practice healthy decision making in their day-to-day lives.”

Launching alongside the team’s new short film, titled “Calories”, the site will serve as a creative hub for people to share how they pursue Human-Powered Health in their own lives. Any post on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #humanpoweredhealth will dynamically integrate into the website’s colorful mosaic. It aims to spotlight parallels between professional cycling and everyday healthy lifestyle choices.

Each month, a contributor will be selected to receive a prize from one of the team’s partners. The first giveaway, scheduled for May 22nd, offers up either a men’s Diamondback Insight II or women’s Clarity II to the winner. Circuit Sport will select a new prize partner each month, with SRAM, HED, Acura, Challenge Tires, Park Tool, Borah Teamwear, Proferrin Sport, and others offering contributions.

“Our team reaches a lot of people who love cycling and embrace a healthy lifestyle, but our goal with humanpoweredhealth.com is to provide a forum for people who may need some encouragement and incentive getting on the right track,” said Circuit Sport Creative Director Sam Wiebe, “Human-Powered Health™ is a simple, powerful concept that we truly believe in. We want people to be creative in sharing how it applies to their everyday lives.”

Humanpoweredhealth.com and “Calories” were a collaboration between Circuit Sport’s creative team and Solve, their longtime branding agency of record.

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