A Few Great Ways to Stay Fit

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One of the most popular new year’s resolutions is the resolution to “get into shape” or “stay fit”. Gym memberships skyrocket in the first few weeks after the new year and dwindle as the year goes by. However, this doesn’t necessarily prove that people lose the drive to “get into shape”. A lot of people just don’t have the time to visit a gym, or the inclination to spend money on gym memberships. Thankfully, there are ways to get into shape without having to spend any money. The following are a few activities that anyone can engage in to stay in shape and get fit or cross-train for cycling.


One of the most popular ways that people stay fit worldwide is through running or jogging. An estimate puts the number of joggers around the world at around 620 million, meaning jogging is, by far, the most popular fitness activity around the globe. Jogging is a great way to strengthen bones and muscles, as well as strengthen leg and core muscles. On top of that, running is one of the best and quickest ways to lose weight and burn calories.


Soccer is the most popular sport worldwide. There are over 4 billion fans of soccer around the world, and many of them take up soccer as well. Soccer is also one of the biggest betting sports on the betting sites that can be found on this page. An estimate puts the number of soccer fans who practice the sport at over 500,000,000 people around the world. Soccer is great for staying fit, since it involves a lot of running, and it is also great for endurance and flexibility building.


Another of the most popular ways to stay fit is cycling. According to a study done in 2015, around 42% of households in the entire world own a bicycle, and over 550,000,000 people actually ride bicycles actively. People who actively and often ride bicycles have been shown to have better cardiovascular activity, strengthen muscles (especially leg muscles), and is a great way to lose weight and burn calories after the winter holidays.


Swimming is a hugely popular activity and a great way to stay in shape, as swimming activates the entire body, develops leg, arm, core, and shoulder muscles. On top of that, like most of the sports on this list, swimming is great for improving your cardiovascular health and doing an over-all, all-over body workout.

Martial Arts

A lot of people who want to stay fit or get in shape decide to take up some form of martial art. Taking up a martial art is actually a great way to get in shape, as most martial arts require a developed body, as well as a developed mind. Some of the most popular martial arts in the world include boxing, which is great for strength and muscle building, karate, which is great for a full-body workout, and tai chi, which is great for people who don’t want to fight, but want to train their body and mind, and improve their health.


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