Highlights of the Last Cyclo-cross World Championships

There is always an excellent collection of indescribable moments that happen in every Cyclo-cross World Championship race, ever since its inception way back in 1950!

There is always an excellent collection of indescribable moments that happen in every Cyclo-cross World Championship race, ever since its inception way back in 1950! And just like every year, the prestigious competition always delivers in the most dramatic moments in the middle of the heated and intense race. A new generation carries this tradition and it does not fall short of excitement. These are the moments that decorate the Cyclo-cross World Championships with glory and prestige.

Mathieu van der Poel wins the rainbow jersey

Throughout the course of the year, Mathieu van der Poel has been consistently cycling and pushing his limits to stay ahead of the competition, literally. He has said these in statements where the only destination for him is winning the championship in Spain during winter. And he delivered on these promises. 

The sport’s most loyal fans know how dedicated and competitive van der Poel is. A look at online betting nz before the race would show just how favored van der Poel was. Van der Poel stayed true to his commitment to the sport, and outlasted the competition to ultimately win it against other top-level competitors, including his equally strong rival in Wout van Aert.

Rumors of Mathieu van der Poel’s retirement from cyclo-cross

This Cyclo-cross World Championship win for van der Poel is yet another addition to a long list of world championships across many other racing events. While it says so much about his unmatched athleticism and passion for pushing his limits for the sport, it also means that the competition is running out. In a few interviews, he has hinted that he might be completely shifting his focus on road cycling, since he felt that there isn’t anything anymore for him in cyclocross.

However, many pundits remain hopeful that van der Poel will still grace the sport. For many hopeful fans and analysts, he still has to surpass the impressive record set by Erik De Vlaeminck, which is holding the world title for seven times. Here’s to hoping that van der Poel aims to beat the achievement!

Fem van Empel dominates the course

On the women’s side of the race, Fem van Empel proved in an outstanding fashion that she has rightfully earned her rainbow band. She entered as the clear favorite to win the race and the display of power, technique, and mental fortitude carried the Dutch cyclist to an impressive victory through the muddy trail of Tabor. 

Van Empel went off to a slow start, but her unmatched running ability blazed past through tough competition in the likes of Lucinda Brand and Puck Pieterse. While the absence of Blanka Vas dampened a few fans of the sports’ spirits, the Dutch participants made sure that the competition remained fierce throughout. This win for the 21 year old marks her second time winning a world championship. 

The drama reaches all time highs whenever the Cyclo-cross World Championships comes around. Excitement suddenly seems natural! But with all the talents from a newer generation of cyclists, a shortage of incredible moments should not be feared!

Photo by Tom Photo Cycling on Unsplash

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