SUGOI 25th Anniversary Jersey Collection

SUGOI is returning to  their roots with the launch of a new line of original print jerseys, celebrating their 25th anniversary.  SUGOI has produced more than 20 original print women’s and men’s jerseys, each with its own personality.  “Around the Bend” is the featured jersey of this collection. Behind this jersey’s poignant design is a heartfelt story – a memorial of a life lost to cancer and a tribute to the powerful support of the cycling community. Around the Bend is dedicated to all people whose lives have been affected by cancer. Partial proceeds from the sale of each “Around the Bend” jersey will be donated to cancer research.

The SUGOI print jersey program has always been a popular and authentic way for cyclists to represent their non-biking hobbies, causes and interests and the 2012 line carries on this tradition. The brand new prints, which range from samurais to espresso; from op art to tattoos, include something to catch the eye of every cyclist.

Speedy Europhiles will feel at home in the sleek, retro Campione and Espresso, while club and recreational riders will flock to the bright, whimsical Mr. and Mrs. Roboto, which cleverly tuck hidden robots into each pocket. Mountain bikers and all mountain riders will look forward to hitting the dirt in assertive prints like Inked which features tattoo body art and matching nautical tattoo print arm warmers. The 22 jerseys are accompanied by a range of ten different arm warmers to complete the print collection.

SUGOI’s print jersey program is set to become a regular offering with a completely new range of art designed and introduced each season. The current range is available is scheduled to be in stores starting May 15th.

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