What’s Happening for SoCal’s Cycling Teams and Clubs in 2013? Let us Know!

While many riders are enjoying their “off-season” with some fun cross training activities and cyclocross racing, the 2013 road, track and mountain bike season is already fast approaching!

SoCalCycling.com would love to know how things are shaping up for your Team or Club next year and the changes happening for SoCal’s Men’s, Women’s, Junior’s and Master’s teams that will make a positive impact on the sport! Please feel free to send us your team press release with roster, along with a hi-res horizontal photo once everything is finalized to [email protected].

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In addition, SoCalCycling.com would like to feature everyone’s Team and Club kits and give your Team the chance to show off your design and represent your sponsors. This was a big hit when we featured the 2012 Team Kits earlier this year!

Please send the illustration created by your clothing manufacturer to [email protected] by December 15th to be included. Your illustration will be uploaded to and featured on SoCalCycling.com’s Flickr and be featured in a Flickr slide show on SoCalCycling.com.

Please feel free to share this with your fellow Teams and Clubs.

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