Predator Cycling Elite Team Announces Roster and Sponsors

Southern California based Predator Cycling will sponsor “Predator Cycling Carbon Repair,” an elite road racing team for the upcoming 2013 season. Along with newly signed talent, Predator Cycling will be joining forces with 2012’s Atlanta-based Rossetti Devo (formerly Aerocat Cycling Team). Rossetti Devo has repeatedly shown their ability to be competitive at the NRC/NCC level. Emille Abraham will continue as their Director & Team Manager. Emile is a seasoned pro as he has raced professionally with Bissell, Team Type 1, Aerospace, and Monex. In more recent years he has done an outstanding job with budgets, travel, logistics, locating talent, and directing, all while getting personal placings near the top of the National Criterium Calendar and USA Crits. It will certainly be a privilege to have him guide the Predator Cycling Elite Team through the 2013 season. Together with Emile, a strong group of accomplished riders have been gathered that can compete on any given day at any race in the country. With multiple UCI, NRC, and NCC wins under their belts, their talent and experience at big races should allow the team many opportunities at quality results.

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The Team’s focus will be on the NCC, USA Crits Series, select NRC, and International UCI stage races. The entire Elite team will be training and racing on carbon repaired frames, most of them with major damage that have been repaired by Predator Cycling Carbon Repair. “We searched the country for broken frames and when we would come across the right size for the riders, we’d buy it. If you see our elite guys out there with different looking frames but the same paint job, it’s no mistake. They are all big brand frames that were crashed and weren’t rideable. We stripped them, repaired them, and painted them. In fact, very shortly you can go on the Elite Team page,  you can see each cracked frame prior to it being stripped and repaired along with the finished product and the name of the rider who now is riding that bike.”

Predator Cycling stated, “Other than our love for the sport our sole sponsorship purpose is to prove that if some of the strongest climbers, sprinters, and breakaway guys in the country can race and train day in and day out on our repaired frames, then it should be good enough for the rest of us. Racers at this level are brutal on their bikes. We intend for this brutality to serve as a testament of our work. If they can’t make our repairs fail, you won’t either. That said, Predator gives a lifetime warranty on all repairs. Along with the frames, Predator Cycling will also provide our “Major” handlebar/stem combo to each rider. A bar and stem setup that is as stiff as anything out there, if not stiffer. Wheelsets, seatposts, brakes, and cranksets are all by FSA/Vision, our shifting is by Shimano. Our shoe sponsorship is Rocket7. Helmets and glasses provided by Limar, and saddle bags by SciCon all courtesy of Albabici. The clothing will be made by Suarez. Outback Bikes in Atlanta is our preferred shop and they graciously provide our East Coast riders with top notch service. We would like to extend a special thanks to EDA contractors in Atlanta for their generous financial support. Thank you all.”

Predator Cycling added, “In addition to the Elite squad, Predator Cycling continues to support our club with local Master riders, Cat 2-5 riders, and a track squad. Membership is open and more information can be found on our website. We will also be sponsoring some of our elite road racers in select mountain bike events. We are incredibly excited about the upcoming season and would love for you all to follow our progress. Check us out on Twitter , follow us on Facebook, or find us on our website.”

Predator Cycling Carbon Repair Elite Team Roster 2013
Cesar Grajales (Competitive Cyclist)
Cody O’Reilly (Optum/Kelly Benefits)
Daniel Ramsey (Predator Cycling)
Emile Abraham (Rossetti Devo)
Emilio Asconeguy (Rossetti Devo)
Gevan Samuel (Rossetti Devo)
Jean Michel Lachance (Rossetti Devo)
Joshua Carter (Rossetti Devo)
Julio Mollinedo (Full Circle Cycling)
Micah Cloteaux (Predator Cycling)
Ricardo Escuela (Maverick Argentina)
Sergio Hernandez (Jelly Belly)

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