A Look at GT Bicycles 2014 Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

GT Bicycles unveiled the next generation of GT full suspension mountain bikes this past weekend in Park City, Utah. The GT fleet has been completely reworked with three new models for 2014: the all-around capable Force for All-Mountain riding, the Sensor for the aggressive Trail rider, and the revolutionized Fury for the Gravity rider. Equipped with a new suspension system, Angle Optimized Suspension (AOS), and 27.5″ (650B) wheels, the Force and Sensor have unparalleled pedaling efficiency, responsive handling, and powerful rollover. The Fury features a modernized Independent Drivetrain and incredibly stiff frame, resulting in better tracking and increased speed and efficiency for the rider.

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The creation of the 2014 GT line started with a focus on the rider-the new GT Centered on Rider (C.O.R.) attitude. Bikes are created with a specific rider in mind, centering on the relationship between the rider and his bike in order to create the best possible ride.

“At GT, we know that no two riders are the same. Everyone has their own unique personality and style of riding,” said Tim Inall, GT Global General Manager. “That’s why, this year, we’re here to redefine the ride. GT’s new C.O.R. approach means that we build bikes to specifically fit the needs of the rider, whether he or she is looking to race the clock in a DH race or attack singletrack on a trail ride.”

All Mountain: GT’s All-Mountain rider is looking for steep climbs, high alpine singletrack, gnarly descents, and the possibility of having to put his bike on his back. With 150mm travel on both the front and rear, GT brings an ultra-capable bike. Featuring premium suspension, the All-Mountain bike has the ability to rip on a wide range of trails.

For All-Mountain riding, GT boasts the Force. This year, the Force features all-new geometry. With a short stem, wide bars, and a long front center, the rider has all the control that he needs for an All-Mountain bike. The Force now also features 27.5″ wheels, which means the rider has the roll-over-anything confidence he’d get with a 29″ wheel with the maneuverability, handling, and braking power of a 26″ wheel. The 27.5″ wheel size coupled with the radical new suspension system, AOS, will elevate any rider’s mountain biking experience to the next level.

The GT team developed AOS for the freedom to ride in a whole new way. The suspension system isolates pedal force, which means that every ounce of effort the rider puts into pedaling is uncompromised. A high pivot position allows for optimal shock absorption, while PathLink neutralizes the adverse effects on pedaling that are generally associated with a high pivot design.  The result is the pedal engagement and power transfer a rider would get with a cross-country bike with the plush feel he wants when it comes time to hurl himself over the hill and through the woods.

Trail: The GT Trail bike is designed for the aggressive trail rider who is out ripping singletrack and occasionally testing his racing skills. This rider doesn’t want to compromise on climbing or descending. GT Trail bikes have 130mm of travel on both the front and rear, and premium suspension for the ability to ride an endless variety of trails.

With all new geometry for 2014, the Sensor is the perfect Trail bike. The GT Trail bike fit consists of a short stem, wide bars, and a long front center. The bike also utilizes AOS for unmatched pedaling power.

Gravity: GT’s Gravity bikes are designed for the resort rat or the DH racer. This guy needs a bike that can stand up to the abuse that is associated with downhill riding and racing without sacrificing performance.

GT has launched a complete redesign of the Fury for the Gravity rider. Originally developed in 2008-2009, this revamped bike brings an all-new level of speed. The Fury is lighter and stiffer than the 2013 model and features a modern and progressive geometry and revolutionized Independent Drivetrain suspension system. For the first time ever, the GT Independent Drivetrain was completely redone for the bike for incredible DH performance.

Constant collaboration with the GT Factory Racing team means that GT has delivered an all-out fast and aggressive downhill bike. The all-new Fury recently propelled both Gee and Rachel Atherton to double World Cup victories at Fort William and Val di Sole.

For more information on the GT Fury, Force, and Sensor, along with more information on GT’s new C.O.R. philosophy and technology like AOS, visit gtbicycles.com/thenewgt

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