Cannondale Pro Cycling takes on the Tour de France on Custom SuperSix EVOs

Cannondale announced the launch of Cannondale Pro Cycling’s animal-inspired Cannondale SuperSix EVO. Each member of the Green Machine’s Tour squad will race on their own uniquely painted custom bike depicting their individual personalities and riding styles. On these bikes, the team will power through a challenging and exciting Tour de France.

This year the team is tapping into their “inner animal” – inspired by team captain Peter Sagan’s passion for one of his favorite Superheroes and his inner wolf-like instinct. The individual expression for each rider – through custom SuperSix HI-MOD EVO graphics – is unified through the #EvoGoesWild theme, and illustrates the cohesive and close-knit pack that is Cannondale Pro Cycling. Each member of the Tour team worked with the Cannondale brand team and famed UK custom artist Death Spray to bring their #EvoGoesWild designs to life. The SuperSix EVO designs represent riders’ strength, heritage, speed, adaptability, willingness to lead and much more. Designs will also portray each athlete’s unique personality on the bike.

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Since coming to market, the Cannondale SuperSix EVO has been touted as the best bike ever made. The SuperSix EVO is designed with Cannondale’s proprietary BallisTec HI-MOD Carbon Construction method that uses precisely placed high modulus fibers over a base of high strength fibers to deliver extreme light weight without sacrificing strength. To tune the overall stiffness and ride feel, Cannondale strategically adds an interconnected network of stiffening fibers that allows us to precisely tune stiffness and deflection at different points throughout the frame. To ensure the team is comfortable, especially during long days in the saddle, the bike is also designed with Cannondale’s famed SPEED SAVE micro suspension to create a perfectly balanced bike. The EVO’s blend of weight (700 grams), stiffness, strength, compliance, handling, and aerodynamics make it the ultimate road racing machine.

As part of the great reveal of the new custom animal-inspired EVO and as celebration of the 2014 Tour de France, Cannondale will host a contest through Cannondale Facebook <> page where fans are invited to share their favorite photo or video of their SuperSix EVO, with a winner selected every day of the Tour De France to receive a limited edition Cannondale prize. As part of the 2014 Tour de France celebration Cannondale has partnered with Modify Watches to design limited edition Cannondale watches. Every day during the Tour (including rest days) fans will have a chance to enter to win a watch.

To learn more about Cannondale and Cannondale Pro Cycling’s 2014 custom SuperSix EVO, check out the brand at  as well as the latest issue of the Cannondale Gazette. To learn more about how to enter to win a new watch, be sure to follow Cannondale on Facebook.

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