Product Review: Niterider Lumina Micro 220

Niterider’s Lumina Micro 220 is the perfect example of big benefits in a small package. Its 4 light levels provide optimal adjustability to when you need the light the most. Even then the Lumina Micro gives a steady 220 lumens for 1.5 hours which suites a daily commuter who rides before sunrise and after sunset. Avid racers and night time warriors alike may benefit using the Micro 220 to log in some secret miles in the short winter days. The adjustability found in Niterider’s bar mount is also easy to mount and provides many pivot points any field of view. It’s small enough to store in your jersey pocket or backpack. The Lumina 220 charges via a USB cable that is included and can be easily tapped into your computer for recharging. The other nice feature is that you can leave the mount on the bike but use the thumb lever to detach the light for easy charging and storage. The MSRP is $69.99.

To find out more about Niterider’s products and exact specs on all lights you can visit

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Run Time
1:30 Hours High- 220
2:45 Hours Med- 120
4:00 HoursHR Low- 80
14:00 Hours Walk- 15


1300mA/h x 1

Charge Time
3:30 HRS

Flash Mode

126 Grams

Review by Josh Ruiz

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