Fundraiser Set up for Mark Scott as He Fights Cancer

We have received the sad news that fellow cyclist and bike racer Mark Scott has been diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). Mark was a formidable competitor and has raced for several Southern California Master’s Teams over the years including Labor Power and Surf City Cyclery.

According to a GoFundMe page that has been set up to assist with Mark’s medical care, “Mark is laid up again in the hospital. His white blood cell counts are out of this world high and intense chemotherapy is being administered in hopes to STOP the unwanted invasion of cancer cells multiplying in his blood.

All the while, Mark is taking this like a champ. His fun, goofy demeanor hasn’t stopped for a minute, even as he nods off mid sentence due to the lack of his usual high energy. His body is being beat up like no other, however, his spirit and humor are fully intact. The infectious grin and one-liners still coming.
Being the strong diligent pro athlete that Mark is, it is no wonder the oncology team is encouraged by his daily spring back. Mark has conquered many daunting cycling race courses; he has taken the National Championship medal and has plans to continue in his endeavors on the bike, whether it be in competition or group ride with his comrades, his love for fitness and catching up with his bro’s is important to him.

The healing will be slow once the healing actually starts. Right now it’s kill the cancer, kick its butt right outta his blood! With more test scheduled and blood transfusions, the direction of what’s going to take place next will be determined.

With no date in the near future for Mark to leave the hospital and/or get back to earning an income and medical bills stacking up, plus all the other costs that insurance does not cover, our friend needs a little help. As close friends to Mark and knowing him so well, this is something we know he would never ever ask.

So, we are. No donation is too small. The donations will help cover living expenses and medical needs.”

Donations can be made to help with Mark’s medical expenses at

In addition, Mark needs blood donations in any type. Appointments can be made at Please give Mark’s full name “Mark Scott” when checking in. The code for Mark is “MS18”.

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