Jenson USA Joins with World Bicycle Relief with Cyber Monday Campaign

One year ago, Jenson USA, one of the nation’s leading retailers of bicycles, parts and accessories headquartered in Riverside, California, played a significant role in helping World Bicycle Relief (WBR) provide bicycle mobilization for 1,508 students in developing African countries on Giving Tuesday, the day after Cyber Monday. That partnership in 2014 was such an overwhelming success that Jenson USA and WBR are doing it again, with every intention to exceed last year’s result and put even more bicycles at the disposal of deserving students and burgeoning entrepreneurs in Africa.

“Mobilizing people through the power of bicycles,” is the motto of the World Bicycle Relief organization. In an environment where distance is genuinely a barrier to education, medical care, employment and general living necessities, WBR has enabled 275,000 hard working individuals in such African countries like Angola, Botswana, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Rwanda, South Africa, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Tanania, Uganda, Sambia and Zimbabwe with a clean, healthy and affordable means of transportation over the past eleven years.

“The One-For-One campaign was initiated with the full support of our employees,” commented Michael Cachat, Jenson USA founder and CEO, “and they are anxious to repeat that effort this year. Our corporate philosophy here at Jenson USA is all about giving, making the world a better place with opportunities for all. Bicycles provide hope and accessibility to things many people in rural areas would otherwise never experience. Making a difference is an important facet in Jenson USA’s core values of demonstrating leadership through compassion and action.”

On Cyber Monday, November 30, for each bicycle purchased from Jenson USA, online or at their superstore retail location in Corona, California off the 91 Riverside Freeway, Jenson USA employees will match one-for-one, those sales with a Buffalo brand bicycle manufactured in Africa on behalf of WBR. In 2014, Jenson USA employees were directly responsible for the donation of thirty bicycles. This year, the goal is to increase that number by as much as 50 percent. To further enhance the campaign, Jenson USA will be making a matching company donation of a like number of bicycles to the cause.

Buffalo bicycles are designed, engineered and assembled in Africa specifically for the unique conditions and purposes of the people living in those regions. Because Buffalo bicycles are manufactured in Africa, it greatly enhances employment opportunities in those communities and positively impacts the local economy.

“We are very gratified that Jenson USA is onboard with another generous One-For-One effort,” said Claire Geiger, Grassroots Development Manager for World Bicycle Relief. “We believe in a philosophy of a hand-up, not a hand-out. Bicycles in Africa are a treasured commodity, earned by recipients who further their education, stay in school, work at a job and make meaningful contributions to the community. In many cases, a bicycle is the stepping stone to a successful and productive life.”

Jenson USA and its employees encourage all of the cycling community to support this effort on Cyber Monday. Every bicycle purchased on November 30 means the life of one more person is made just that much better.


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