Product Review: RaceWare Direct Garmin Edge 500 Mount

RaceWare Direct is a small company out of the UK that makes mounts for the Garmin Edge 500 and Garmin Edge 800 GPS bike computers. The RaceWare Direct Garmin mount is so popular that they can’t keep them in stock!

RaceWare Direct uses a 3D printer to make the Garmin Edge 500 and Garmin Edge 800 mounts to fill the void that Garmin hasn’t filled for their popular Garmin Edge 500 and Garmin Edge 800 GPS bike computers.

I’ve been using a RaceWare Direct mount for the Garmin Edge 500 for several months to test the durability and functionality. One of the reasons I was excited to try the RaceWare Direct mount was that I had a hard time reading the numbers on the Garmin screen when it was mounted to my stem and the mount allows for my Garmin to sit further out for a better line of vision making it easier to read.

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The mount is made well and is very lightweight. The Garmin Edge 500 fits very tight, so there is no unwanted movement once it is in place.

In addition, the RaceWare Direct mounts have a minimalist look and fits flush with the stem for a super clean look.

The RaceWare Direct mount comes in several different colors to match your bike or handle bar tape. They also make the mounts for the left and right side of the bars.

For anyone that has a Garmin, this is a must have!

The RaceWare Direct mount retails for approximately $40.00 plus shipping.

Check back as we will be take a look at RaceWare Direct Garmin mounts for time trial bars and the Garmin 800 in the future.

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Review & Photos By Frank Sarate,

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