Product Review: Rokform Handlebar Bike Mount and iPhone 6/6S Slim Case

If you have a new iPhone 6 or 6S, then Rokform has the phone case for you that’s as high tech as your phone is meant to be. The Rokform case has to be the most universal and versatile case on the market. Not only does the Rokform iPhone 6/6S Case protect your phone really well, but it also has other features to make it such a universal phone case.

The Rokform iPhone 6/6S Case has a mount that allows you to attach it to many different accessories make your iPhone more accessible in different ways. They make two different bike mounts, one that fits the stem on the steer tube and the other that fits on the handlebars but could also be used on the stem.

On test for my bike was the handlebar / stem mounted Rokform mount adapted for my stem which worked just fine and fit the length of my stem. The mount comes with a lanyard for additional safety if there were to be any mishaps. Installing the Rokform mount to the stem is super easy and with a quick and easy twist of the phone mount your ready to go in no time. It’s pretty cool to have a map that is large enough on your iPhone to read so you don’t get lost or have your favorite riding app just right in front of you.

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Not only does the Rokform iPhone 6/6S Case have a patented mount but it also has a magnet to make it even more versatile, which comes in handy if you need to stick the iPhone to the tool box or anything metal like a fridge. The Rokform iPhone 6/6S Case is slim and lightweight and looks stylish. The Rokform iPhone 6/6S Case has multiple layer protection to help protect your phone from drops. The case also has a 4 point protective rear guard that helps protect the screen. Even with all this protection and function the case isn’t bulky at all and still retains the slim sleek design. The Rokform iPhone 6/6S Case also has easy access to jack openings for your favorite head phones and recharging cable access. In addition, the iPhone camera port isn’t obstructed in anyway is very well protected.

The Rokform iPhone 6/6S Case itself has been great for protection as I’ve already dropped the phone numerous times just getting used to the much larger size iPhone 6. Using the Rokform iPhone 6/6S Case has also made for a more comfortable feel than just having the phone without a case. It feels more solid in your hands and doesn’t add any weight, as it feels very light and has a good feel when holding it in your hands.

I would recommend this product all day long as I had an older iPhone 4 case and it was awesome, as well. Rokform makes very well made quality products!

iPhone 6/6S Slim Case tested retails for $ 39.99 and the handlebar / stem bike mount retails for $29.99.

Rokform just keeps adding more great accessories for the iPhone cases. You can check out Rokform’s line of accessories at

By Frank Sarate, 

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