Review: Fabric Scoop Flat Pro Carbon/Nylon Saddle

The Fabric Scoop race saddle was one of the biggest surprises of the season. I’ve ridden the same saddle for many years and the transition to the Fabric Scoop Flat Pro Carbon/Nylon Saddle was an easy transition.

Fabric Scoop has a very sleek and simple design, but the comfort at various angles of positioning was more than I could ask in any riding position. Whether climbing or riding the many Merckx style time trials, this saddle delivered comfort and performance with as much style as any saddle.

The carbon rails made the ride more comfortable on the long rides. Also, the carbon rails drops the weight from the Titanium/Nylon railed model from 238 grams to 176 grams. The nylon body also adds to the flexibility of the saddle for added comfort without sacrificing performance.

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The Fabric Scoop is available in three different models. The one tested for the product review is the Scoop Flat, which is probably more suited for racers or more aggressive riders.

The durability of this saddle is excellent due to the Waterproof Microfiber and the use of the lightweight PU Foam over the Nylon-Fibre Matrix Base.

This particular model comes in an all black or a black and white version.

The Fabric Scoop Flat Pro Carbon/Nylon Saddle is a very comfortable and durable saddle that is lightweight and has a super sleek design to it that will add something special to your bike while adding comfort.


  • Colors – All Black and Black and White
  • Width – 142mm
  • Length – 282mm
  • Weight – 176 grams

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By Erik Sobey

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