Invitation to Join the Udo Heinz Memorial Ride on November 19th

On August 4, 2013, Udo Heinz was tragically killed by a bus while riding with friends on Camp Pendleton, which is a popular route for cyclists to ride.

On Saturday, November 19th Ranchos Cycling Team is hosting the Udo Heinz Memorial Ride to celebrate Udos life at Stone Brewing in Escondido.

The ride starts at 8:00 am and is free to cyclists. The ride is supported by the Ranchos Cycling Team and will have one supported rest stop.  After the ride, cyclists can enjoy 15% off of food and drinks and 10% off of merchandise at Stone Brewery.

Ride organizers said, “This ride is a social ride and is a way for all San Diego clubs to come together, practice riding safely and remember Udo and all of our friends who we’ve lost to careless drivers.”

There will be a 25 and a 60 mile loop with some dirt sections.

You can read more about Udo’s life at the San Diego Reader and RSVP for the Udo Heinz Memorial Ride at

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