Justin Williams Repeats in Uptown Minneapolis Criterium at North Star Grand Prix

Justin Williams Cylance

Cylance Pro Cycling rider Justin Williams again assumes the top step in Uptown Minneapolis on stage four of the North Star Grand Prix behind a solid team effort.

With the general classification, the points classification, and the white jersey all in contention on Friday evening, there was a near certainty that the field would never let a break gain any sizable advantage. With six sprints in total affecting all three classifications, the Cylance Pro Cycling team was able to hide for most of the evening while the jersey competitions ignited the race, the biggest change being the overall lead moving onto the shoulders of Ty Magner (Holowesko Citadel).

When the race saw six laps to go Cylance Pro Cycling took over control of the field placing all five riders on the front of the peloton. “The guys have been perfecting this leadout all season,” added Director Sportif Hilton Clarke. “Last night it all came together and everyone did their job perfectly. Every rider on the team was given a role to deliver Justin to the line. Everyone on the team fulfilled their role and we pulled a great result!”

“Putting things together like that is one of the most exciting things you can do as a bicycle team.

The team continues racing with Stage 5 of the North Star Grand Prix today and the race wraps up on Sunday in Stillwater, MN where Orlando Garibay finished 2nd for the team in 2016.

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