Justin Williams Wins Belize National Championships Road Race Title

Justin Williams Wins Belize National Championships

Justin William (L39ion of Los Los Angeles) took the win on Sunday in Belize, at the  Belize National Championships Road Race.   As a dual citizen, Williams is eligible to compete in this race and register under a Belize license. 

“It’s incredible to be able bring my parents’ homeland to a big stage. Winning the Belizean National Road race is near and dear to my heart. Cycling is massive in Belize and I hope to give them something to be proud of. The goal is the same, continue to develop American bike racing, continue to add culture, give opportunities, and have fun! This is just the beginning!” said Justin Williams.

Justin Williams Wins Belize National Championships

“I haven’t wanted to win a race that bad in a long time, I didn’t think I had it and then it kind of slowed down a little bit. Then my legs came back and I thought as long as I could make it to the sprint, I can usually do something. Oscar and I were both in the same position, we were both hurting. It was a slow man’s sprint and I was able to get it done but it was everything I had. I’m going to need days [to recover]. It was rough.”

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