Virginia’s Blue Ridge TWENTY24 Strengthens Zwift Strategies

Top Swiss Zwifter Kathrin Fuhrer Joins

VBR TWENTY24 ESports Team

As Virginia’s Blue Ridge TWENTY24 immerses itself in the Zwift Grand Prix and ZRL race season, the team capitalizes on the ever-evolving landscape of Zwift and virtual cycling. The Grand Prix, featuring the top men’s and women’s teams in Zwift, and the ZRL, the world’s largest virtual cycling competition, have become pivotal arenas for the team’s training and racing.

Virginia’s Blue Ridge TWENTY24’s Training Revolution

Zwift’s recalibration post-pandemic explosion sees Virginia’s Blue Ridge TWENTY24 leveraging the platform for comprehensive training, racing, and community engagement. The collective impact of competitive opportunities and social interactions serves as invaluable tools for the team’s in-real-life (IRL) athletes, who utilize Zwift for key power workouts and skill development.

Kate Veronneau’s Ascension

In tandem with Zwift’s ongoing innovations, the promotion of Kate Veronneau to a leadership role underscores the company’s dedication to advancing women in cycling. Recognizing Veronneau as a strong female advocate in the industry, the team applauds Zwift’s significant investment in IRL women’s cycling, aligning with the rising viewership of women’s sports globally.

Le Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift

Noteworthy achievements, such as the title sponsorship of Le Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift, drew an average live audience of 2.9 million across eight stages, with a cumulative live audience of 23.2 million. The surge in women’s sports media coverage, reaching 15 percent in 2022 and anticipated to approach 20 percent by 2025, according to the Wasserman Collective, reflects a positive trend.

Bridging Realities: Zwift’s Support for ZRL and IRL

Zwift’s commitment to supporting women at the highest level of IRL sport, coupled with efforts to engage recreational enthusiasts on their indoor platform, builds a bridge between ZRL and IRL. This convergence proves exciting for both participants and spectators alike, fostering growth in the sport.

From Virtual to Reality

Evidence of the transition from indoor riding to IRL riding and racing is visible through the achievements of esports team captain Kristen Kulchinsky and VBR TWENTY24 UCI team powerhouse Laurel Quinones.

2023 Zwift eSports Roster:

  • Kristen Kulchinsky (USA)
  • Kathrin Fuhrer (SUI)
  • Emily Ehrlich (USA)
  • Mairen Lawson (CAN)
  • Laurel Quinones (USA)
  • Madeline Kuntz (USA)
  • Melisa Rollins (USA)
  • Myriam Paquet (CAN)
  • Sofia Arreola (MEX)

Virginia’s Blue Ridge TWENTY24’s Zwift Plans for 2024/2025

Anticipating the future, Virginia’s Blue Ridge TWENTY24 plans to sustain its weekly community Zwift ride and empower its UCI team through Zwift training. In 2025, an enhanced budget dedicated to the esports team will open new opportunities for engagement at all levels, benefiting athletes and partners alike.

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