The 5 Best Virtual Cycling Apps for Riders Who Can’t Get Outside

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If you are stuck indoors over the next couple of weeks, you don’t have to forego your daily long bike ride. Thanks to modern technology, there are a healthy number of great virtual cycling apps that not only get you on your bike, but allow you to ride indoors without feeling stationary. You may be training indoors, but the best cycling apps will have you feeling like you are riding in the Tour de France. The world’s most famous cycling race is set for another big edition in 2020. Sports fans can visit online sports betting to get a bet bonus before wagering on the legendary bike race.

So, which apps are best suited to help you get your miles in this week? These apps will certainly give you the riding practice you seek.


Zwift is one of the most popular cycling apps on the market and immerses riders into a virtual world of bike riding. One of the coolest aspects of Zwift is it replicates real roads around the world that are famous for cycling. You may be riding in your house, but the simulation of Alped’Huez will have you working hard. You will need to pay for a Zwift membership ($12.99 per month) but if you take your indoor cycling training seriously, it is well worth it.

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If you are a serious cyclist, you may overlook Peloton due to purchasing the special stationary bike. However, beginners or health conscious individuals seeking a motivational fitness option may gravitate toward the Peloton cycling system. Peloton is far different that the other cycling apps on our list. Users must purchase a Peloton stationary bike which comes with a screen and program built in. You will be able to connect to live Peloton classes to work with spin coaches who motivate you. Users also have a number of metrics that are tracked during workouts.


Kinomap is an app featuring unique cycling videos uploaded by users. Rather than videos or virtual reality simulations uploaded by Kinomap, you simply cycle to videos uploaded by other users. The videos were recorded during rides giving you an authentic feel of the landscape and roads. Kinomap offers monthly or yearly memberships to users.


Do you want a free cycling app that offers you the chance to ride in an immersive VR world? IGrupetto is the answer for anyone seeking a simple to use free cycling app. IGrupetto doesn’t have the extensive ride library that other apps possess. Still, it offers more than enough to give you a long-distance ride that is challenging. You can select routes through the Alps and Pyrenees, and the onscreen metrics tell you when an incline is approaching.


FulGaz is one of the newer cycling apps on the market and comes with a monthly membership. You can try it out free of charge for 14 days to see if it is suited for your workouts. FulGaz uses real video footage which was captured in 4K by cyclists riding the same routes. The footage’s speed changes based on your pace. FulGaz offers more than 400 routes at the moment.

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