Pack Up the Pacifier, it’s Time for Strider® Cup Racing!

Strider Cup race series

Toddlers Around the World Prepare to Race Strider Bikes in the 2019 Strider Cup Series.

Toddlers and their families are increasingly choosing Strider Balance Bikes over tricycles and training wheels. The effectiveness of the balance-before-pedaling teaching approach is on full display at Strider Cup races, where racers as young as 18 months old wind their way through courses alongside competitors from around the world. The 2019 Strider Cup race series kicks off May 4 at L.A. Live in downtown Los Angeles.

North American events will continue in Boulder, CO June 15, Minneapolis, MN July 6 and Surrey, Canada Aug. 17. The series culminates Oct. 4 and 5 in Charlotte, NC with the Strider Cup World Championship, a race open to first-timers and top competitors. As of April, registrations for the various races have arrived from Canada, China, Costa Rica, Hong Kong, Japan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Taiwan, the UK, Vietnam and 21 states across the USA.

Racing tactics typically vary, with some children sprinting out of the start gate, while other toddlers take their time curiously wandering the track. Highlights from the 2018 Strider Cup World Championship can be found at Strider Bikes’ YouTube page.

“It is a sight to see toddlers leaning into turns with huge grins on their faces, exhibiting excellent balance and control,” said Strider Founder and Chief Enthusiast Ryan McFarland. “Parents who are on the hunt for ways to get their kids to put down their tablets and screens and enjoy the outdoors, need look no further.”

Strider Racing events have emerged as a way for these young riders to show off their riding skills and a place for young families to meet one another. In addition to balance bike racing, children will have the chance to pedal for the first time test riding Strider’s latest 14x model bike. After accomplishing this incredible milestone, children can ring the “Pedal Graduation Gong.”

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