How to Build Stamina and Endurance for Mountain Biking

How to build stamina and endurance for mountain biking

It is a common misconception that the best way to build stamina and endurance for mountain biking (or any cycling for that matter) is to get on your bike and ride. While that can build muscles, endurance, and fitness, a simple ride isn’t going to get you to the level you want or need to compete in mountain biking competitions. Cyclists can follow the biggest events in cycling and mountain biking with Bet O’Clock and wager on the top stars in the sport. 

Muscle power, strong nerves, and a desire for adrenaline are all items you need to be successful at mountain biking. If you want to push yourself and attempt a mountain bike race or in need of getting back into race shape, these tips can help you build stamina and endurance.

Stay on the trail

If you want to build up your stamina for a mountain bike race or challenge, then you have got to put in the time. A leisurely ride for 30 minutes to 60 minutes isn’t going to cut it. You need to be out on the trail for a minimum of two hours to really gain the endurance you need. By adding time to your training, you can increase your strength and stamina. You should be putting in around four hours on the weekends when riding to really push yourself.

Just ride

Okay, you want to build up your stamina for a race, so like marathon runners, you have to get out on the trails riding to get your body used to it. The magic number to ride is four days per week to build up the muscles for a race or challenge. But be sure to increase distance, time, and pace when riding.

Increase the speed

When you get back to riding or start out mountain biking, you may find keeping a constant pace to be difficult. You may also struggle to push hard with speed. The more you train, the more you will be able to go faster on the trails. Gradually increasing your speed when riding will build your stamina and endurance for riding fast in a race. Higher speeds will also increase your cardio capabilities and that will improve your stamina for hard rides.

Get intense

If you want to excel at mountain biking, then you have to work on inclines. Mountain biking is all about climbing trails and uphill paths. Gradually increasing the incline will build up your strength and get you used to pedaling uphill. Your breathing becomes a key component when the intensity increases. Work on regulating your breath, so you are taking in oxygen and getting it the blood and muscles.


Rest is important for all athletes whether professional, amateur or casual. After a hard training session biking up gnarly trails and down mountain paths, it is vital that you get an ample amount of rest to let the body and mind recover. A lack of proper rest can result in you hitting the wall and becoming fed up with training. You should fit in a day off during the week to break up training and let the body recover. If you mix training and rest days correctly, you should come back stronger each time.

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