Product Review: FSA Energy Compact Alloy Handlebars

FSA Energy Compact Alloy Handlebar

The 2020 FSA Energy Compact Alloy Handlebars maintain the double butted and tapered aluminum alloy construction, the semi-aero ergo flat shape on top and the compact drop from the previous version of the FSA Energy Compact Alloy Handlebar. The weight is slightly less due to less material from the channels for the cables that are routed in the bars while maintaining the strength.
With the FSA Energy Compact Alloy Handlebars having short bends on the top of the handlebars it really helps when your a sprinter as my wrists don’t hit the bars as I throw the bike from side to side. The FSA Energy Compact Alloy Handlebar is all that I was asking for to feel comfortable while letting all my body weight on my pedals and in to the handlebars. The comfort on my hands while holding the drops at 1500 watts is what can make the difference in the sprint where you win or lose by inches. No doubt the design makes the bike look awesome too!

Plus the FSA Energy Compact Alloy Handlebar is a handlebar that is very comfortable where you can spend many hours on the road.

As bicycles become more technical and more aero. FSA is on the forefront of design as they supply products for many bike manufactures and build them to their specs according to the bikes, the build and designs needed.

Having ridden FSA over the years for some of the pro teams I’ve been on, FSA makes great quality and reliable components at all levels and price points.

Technical Specs

  • Aerodynamic Integrated Cable Routing (ACR) compatible
  • Semi-integrated Cable Routing (SCR) compatible
  • Double butted and tapered AL7050
  • 34mm Ergo flat top
  • 110 mm wide round center section makes it easy to mount accessories
  • Finish:Bead blasted black with polished black anodized
  • Bar width: center/center from the handlebar tail Outward Bend: 4°

MSRP – $ 116 USD

For more information on the FSA Energy Compact Alloy Handlebars,  please visit  FSA Energy Compact Alloy Handlebars can be purchased at your local bike shop.

Review by Rene Corella Braun, Team

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