Alexis Ryan to Join Sister Kendall Ryan at L39ION of Los Angeles for 2022

Alexis Ryan Joins Sister Kendall at L39ION of Los Angeles

Alexis Ryan has signed with L39ION of Los Angeles for the 2022 season, joining her sister Kendall Ryan and bolstering the women’s squad. After seven seasons with the Canyon-SRAM team, Alexis is eager to take on new challenges and welcomes a move back to her home in Georgia.

I grew up racing with Justin, Cory, and CJ on Major Motion. They’re like brothers to me. Their vision for the future is exactly what cycling needs to be accessible and inclusive. I pursued my dream of racing in Europe for the last six years. Now I’m ready to shift gears and help the Williams brothers pursue their dream. My biggest goal and what I’m looking forward to most is being an asset to the team, whether that means winning races, supporting my teammates, doing community work, or fostering grassroots programs. Thinking back to my days as a junior racing in LA, there wasn’t much diversity and there were definitely no initiatives or community outreach. The Williams brothers have changed that. Their footprint on the cycling community continues to grow, and even transcend the sport. I’m excited to be part of the revolution, explained Alexis Ryan

Of course, the move to the L39ION means Alexis will once again after many years be on the start line with her sister as a teammate, as opposed to a competitor.  With the team started by two brothers, the Ryan Sisters add to the family vibes, creating a similar environment on the women’s squad.

Yes! We both raced for Major Motion, but our professional careers have never crossed paths. Our talents complement each other, and I think we’re going to accomplish a lot together!

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