Product Review: Vision Trimax 4D Compact Handlebars

Vision Tri Max 4D Compact Handlebars

With a plethora of carbon handlebars on the market, Vision and FSA have both made trustworthy and reliable carbon products and are known for their high-quality standards. Carbon bars and stems need to be built to last and be trustworthy, as well as light, compliant and comfortable.

I’ve been testing and reviewing the carbon bars from FSA and Vision and I feel really confident in their products which says a lot, as I’ve always been an alloy handlebar user based on their reliability.

I chose the Vision Trimax 4D Compact Handlebar to test as they were most shaped like a standard road handlebar, but with a slightly flatter top of the bars for a more aero profile. But not too large on the tops that they are uncomfortable or they would take extra time to get used to from my previous bars. The midsection of the drop cants 2 degrees just slightly outward for an ergonomic feel when in the drops. The Vision Trimax 4D Compact Handlebar is more like a traditional bar from the front profile and the side profile. However, over the top of the bars, there is a 10 degree forward bend, which allows me to run a just slightly shorter stem.

The tops of the handlebars is where I spend most of the time in the hoods position and the VisionTrimax 4D Compact Handlebars feel super comfortable up top. The Vision Trimax 4D Compact Handlebars feel stiff enough when sprinting in the drops or on the hoods but also allow for a good amount of compliance when rolling over the rough stuff.

The Vision Trimax 4D Compact Handlebars are a great alternative to some of the more flatter aero road handlebars as they allow for a similar feel to a traditional road bar, but have aero properties in the flatter top portion of the bars but they are not too crazy on the width so they can be fully wrapped with handlebar tape.

The Vision Trimax 4D Compact Handlebars are a very versatile road bar that almost seems like they are the jack of all trades on how they handle and where you can position your hands, but also offer the semi-aero aspect as well.

The notable thing about the Vision Trimax 4D Compact Handlebars is that if you feel like your stem is too short and want to have a little more tech these could be an alternative to getting a longer stem.

The Vision Trimax 4D Compact Handlebars are set for integrating your cable directly through the bars. They are ACR compatible which allows you to run the cables through the bars and stem and then through the steer tube for a seamless fit and function.

The Vision Trimax 4D Compact Handlebar is also knurled where you would place the levers for a no-slip grip for the levers.


  • Continuous carbon composite construction
  • Aero-ergo flat-top riser central section follows the natural arc of the arms with a 10° forward bend for a more ergonomic climbing position and easier breathing
  • Cable groove compatible with new Di2 systems w/larger internal cable tunnel
  • Reinforced and textured lever and stem clamping areas


  • Ø31.8mm x W400+10mm, 420+10mm, 440+10mm
  • 125mm drop, 80mm reach
  • 2° outward bend


  • UD carbon finish
  • Color graphics – gray


  • 225 grams (420mm)


  • Suggested MSRP – $ 262.00

Where to Buy

Pricing and more information can be found at

By Frank Sarate, 

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