Results: Roger Millikan Memorial Grand Prix

Results: Roger Millikan Memorial Grand Prix

The Roger Millikan Memorial Grand Prix race has been taking place for over 30 years. Formerly known as the Valentine’s Day Massacre, the name changed in memory of former rider and race promoter Roger Millikan who passed away from cancer several years ago.

This year the Roger Millikan Memorial Grand Prix course ran in the reverse direction, which featured more climbing each lap. Along with the warm temperatures, the course inevitably wore on some of the riders.

Cory Williams (Legion of Los Angeles) won the Pro, 1 race from a fast field sprint and Priscilla Savord took the win in the Women’s 1-3 race.

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Men Pro 1-3 Podium

3 Dante YOUNG (Miami Blazers)
4 Chris HILDRETH (Guillotine Cycling)
5 Tristan MITCHELL

Women Pro 1-3 Podium

1 Priscilla SAVORD (LABC)
2 Holly BRECK (Go Fast – Incycle)
3 Colleen GULICK (Podium Sports Cycling)
4 Karina SQUEDA (SDBC)
5 Zoe TA-PEREZ (Lux Cycling)

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