Product Review: FSA A-Wing AGX Gravel Handlebars  

FSA A-Wing AGX Gravel Handlebars

FSA has many options to choose from when it comes to handlebars and gravel handlebars specifically.  The FSA A-Wing AGX Gravel Handlebars are designed for gravel biking and cyclocross.

The FSA A-Wing AGX Gravel Handlebars are forged alloy and anodized black and bead blasted. The FSA A-Wing AGX Gravel Handlebars are ergonomically shaped with sculpted contact points for the hoods and drops which offers comfortable riding positions. I think my favorite portion of the bars is the aero top section and the bend that meets the hoods and along with the forward sweep for a little extra reach. 
The handlebars flare out on the bottom section in the drops for an aggressive position and seem to have a larger drop. I’m using the 44 cm bars and the drop section that flares out isn’t too overly flared out. 
The top-bladed section of the bars is amazingly comfortable and fits the hands really well. It seems like you can just rest your hands on the tops and it feels stable. I also like the forward sweep as it gives me a little more reach. I can use a little shorter stem and the forward sweep feels good.

There were a few things I needed to tweak when setting up the FSA A-Wing AGX Gravel Handlebars, including the height position of the bars. I’m using the FSA Afterburner Stem -12 degrees, so the rise in the center of the bar complimented the negative rise in the stem so it worked perfectly. I like to try and set up my bikes similar to my road bike as much as possible, so after adding the small 5 mm spacer below the stem it was all good. 
I also use an out-front Garmin on my bike and the bend on the forward sweep makes the mount tilt sideways just slightly. After a few rides, I didn’t even really notice this. 
The FSA A-Wing AGX Gravel Handlebars are set with routing holes for Di2 shifting for internal Di2 shift routing. 
The FSA A-Wing AGX Gravel Handlebars are a great value for a well-rounded handlebar that offers a diverse range of hand position options. A variety of hand positions are useful on the long bumpy asphalt and gravel roads as well as in 100-plus mile gravel events where you are all beat up and just looking to make it back to the finish as comfortably as possible. Or on the other end of the spectrum when you are out front beating up the riders in the pack because you have some extra positioning and can ride a little more confident due to all the hand positioning you’ll most likely be using. 

Technical Specs

  • Aerodynamic Integrated Cable Routing (ACR)
  • Alloy handlebar is designed for Adventure, Gravel and Cyclocross
  • Sculpted contact points for the “hoods” and “drops” riding positions for better ergonomics
  • Flared drops for better control and clearance when descending
  • SIZES – Ø31.8mm x W420, 440, 460 480mm
• 120mm drop, 80mm reach
• 15° outward bend
  • FINISH – Bead blasted anodized black
 –  292 grams (420mm) 


  • Suggested MSRP – $102.80

Where to Buy

Pricing and more information can be found at

By Frank Sarate, 

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